Saturday, April 4, 2009


Henry Sato Jr.



Employment Objective/Senior CG Animator


California State University Northridge

Bachelor of Arts Degree 1986/Art 2D Media Graduated Cum Laude/Dean's List

California Art Institute

Figure drawing/quick sketch

Professional Experience

November 2012-May 2013/Sony Pictures Imageworks
Senior CG Character Animator

          Oz the Great and Powerful(CG animation with live action)

          Smurfs 2(CG animation with live action)

August 2012-October 2012/Disneytoon Studios
Senior CG Character Animator/Technical animator

          Planes(helped develop animation tool for use at the studio)

January 2012-August 2012/Walt Disney Animation Studios
Senior CG Character Animator

         Wreck It Ralph(Full CG animation)

July 2011-September 2011/Sony Playstation
Senior CG Character Animator
         Uncharted 3:Drake's Deception(computer game cinematics)

October 2010-June 2011/Sony Pictures Imageworks

Senior CG Character Animator

         Smurfs(CG animation with live action) 

August 2010-September 2010/The Third Floor
Previsualization Artist
         Journey 2: The Mysterious Island(previsualization)
June 2009-October 2009/Rhythm and Hues 
Senior CG Character Animator

      Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel(CG animation
      with live action)

2001-May 2009/Sony Pictures Imageworks
Senior CG Character Animator
     G-Force(CG animation with live action)
Eagle Eye(CG animated vehicles with live action)

Prince Caspian(CG animation with live action)

Speed Racer(CG animated vehicles with live action)

Beowulf(Mocap with CG animation)

Surf's Up(Full CG animation)

Monster House(Mocap with CG animati

Open Season(Full CG animation)

Polar Express(Mocap with CG animation/full CG animation/wolves, caribou, eagle)

Spiderman 2(CG animation with live action)

Early Bloomer(CG animated short)

Matrix Revolutions(CG animation with live action)

Attack of the Chubb Chubbs(Academy Award winning short/Full CG animation)

Stuart Little 2(CG animation with live action)

2000 Warner Brothers Feature Animation
CG Character Animator

Osmosis Jones(Full CG animation)

1999 Sony Pictures Imageworks
CG Character Animator

Stuart Little (CG animation with live action)

1990-1999 Walt Disney Feature Animation
CG Character Animator

Dinosaur (CG animation with live action)

Steadfast Tin Soldier/Fantasia 2000(Full CG animation)

CG Animating Assistant

Pocahontas(Full CG animation)

Rough Inbetweener

The Lion King
Beauty and the Beast

Summer 1990 Walt Disney Feature Animation Internship

Software Experience

Unix/Linux/Spinux/Windows NT/Softimage/2yrs
Alias Power Animator/2 yrs.
Maya/15 yrs

Other Interests

Shaolin Style Kung Fu-Brown Belt
Played amateur hockey(Long time LA Kings fan!)

Fishing(Saltwater and Freshwater)